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I define the visual DNA of brands, cities and organisations.
My observations, imaginative stories and discovery tours for companies and municipalities stimulate new thinking for innovative behaviour.
I share my eyes with international A-brand suppliers, companies in fashion, retail, financial services, real estate development and marketing communication.
My work is often described as eye-opening.
Municipalities invite me to visualise and describe the present status and the potential of their cities.
While taking people on my discovery tours throughout the world, I teach what daily insights can offer.
Inspiring trips offer the (re-) discovery of beauty and trace the challenges of innovation and new thinking.
Always with a catching curiosity for why people do what they do?

The fundamentals of my approach are based on streetology.
There is no strategy without streetology.

Understanding  the difference between:
Looking and really seeing.
The difference between just hearing and really internalising what you hear.
Getting in touch and connect.
In order to create relevant, meaningful and challenging insights and perspectives for the coming years.

DNA reseach for cities and organisations.
Discovery tours throughout the world.
Innovation and development.
Visual story telling.


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Mooie ontwikkeling. https://t.co/DmtWWwkVBa
 Pim van den Berg
 29-9-2018 15:39:40
The forgotten grandeur of Britain's department stores – a historian reflects https://t.co/hjBWwBZrs2 via @ConversationUK
Haarlemse Orgelweken. Talented students from many cities from our world being inspired by Leo van Doeselaar. Touchi… https://t.co/dcYdDSIqh4
Tesco lanceert eigen discounter in strijd tegen Aldi en Lidl https://t.co/WQUiIVrwlH. Heeft geen zin als de wi… https://t.co/6wwyzLXx1r

What assignments did Pim have and what's planned next?

Just a flavour of the variety of projects I am working on.


My columns in Foodpersonality since 2009 are included in this site.

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Involved in the development of the DNA of 5 cities in the Netherlands and a project of investigating the potential of 20 arreas in and near these cities.
Preparing a tour with a management team to Singapore and Tokyo/Kyoto.
Together with Jempi Moens I am part of Lunar. A non-traditional management program for leaders. Just accompanied the 1st group for 3 days in Ghent.
A fascinating learning experience we had with great insights on both the external as internal side of life.

Just had a Citytour to retail and citydevelopments in London, Tokyo, Kyoto,  Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden.

For an international Group of Foodstores I investigated the next step in their format portfolio.

A visual DNA was presented for a global investment company from Rotterdam.

With the Global Design Team of Reckitt Benckiser we had a great team event prepared in Amsterdam.
One of their biggest clients from the States had a streetology tour with me in London.
With the designteam we also had an investigation in Mumbay and Tokyo to see how people clean their toilets.

With a dairy company we traced the secrets of innovation and packaging in surrounding countries.

For Rabo Bank I guided a trade mission in India.
In october last year I discovered together with Jos Sentel the secrets of transition cities in Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

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Wondering whether I new book about DNA and Cities would add value to existing volume of information.
Maybe a similar approach as my book " Ondernemen is een straatfeest "  could create a winning performance.

It strikes me how the global reshuffle has an impact on the development of cities, public space, homes/living, offices and retail.
On our thinking in general!
It has hit the real estate world enormously for the next decade.
Developers must transform. Financial institutions must rethink their values.
Maybe architects can become city editors. A new position for municipalities that can conduct the City as an inspiring partiture.
Collaboration on all levels for creating a better shared value on What Is and What is Needed is very important.
What a great society we are living in! Full of inspiring challenges.



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1. Contact that moves you
One on one, eye to eye, the moment and the message. A meeting of the mind as well as spirit should once again become a central ingredient in marketing. Where meeting people is the true art.


2. Refocus, and see with new eyes
Successes are not achieved, even though they are often claimed, by masters in finance. A success is an opportunity into a reality. And there are opportunities everywhere: waiting to be realised. Look carefully, and with new eyes, that's often when you'll be able to make them work for you.



3. Becoming yourself
These days people are wired and networked; what they haven't yet discoverd for themselves, they can learn form others. Essential knowledge is reached by conversations and discussion. All the demands made on you to be alert and sharp make it even more crucial that you see clearly, say what you mean, and become who you are. There's nothing more wonderful than evolution.



4. See, discover, experience
The trend of providing "bread and circus" as content, presented as an "experience", persits. The product and the film. The product and the musical. The performance and the master class. The theme of an event is increasingly a meaningful and ideally unforgettable encounter. But the added value of 'content' is only achieved once the 'delivery' is experienced.


5. Joyful wonder
My open eyes have served me well all these years. I look at everything around me, of course, but especially at people, their position, attitudes and behaviours in their world. I make contact with them with my eyes, and it's without doubt my post pleasant discovery and one I hold dear. My wish is for everyone to open their eyes this way.



6. Build stories around feelings
Success comes with friendship. A story built around feelings packs a punch. The tone and the house style, expressed in words and rhythms, forms and images, attitude and behaviour, determine the sincerity and durabilty of our friendships.



7. Get close
Marketing can't be done from a distance, nor purely on the basis of rationality. Marketing takes place on your doorstep, on the street, at markets and other gathering places. Only there will you run into people who can see, feel, taste, consider and buy your product or service. Get close! Look in their eyes, look at their facial expressions, their body language. Listen to what they're saying and what they're not. Then take it from there.



8. Go deep
Superficiality is not an option. Quality is the measure, with all it implies, of knowledge, skill, inspiration, motivation and healthy pride. From these deepest sources come individuality, strength, and self-confidence. We can't do it any other way.



9. Give your all
Sometimes - quite often, actually - it's all about giving everything to the job at hand: our complete self-confidence, energy and optimism. When an organisation creates a climate of trust and confidence, that kind of 'esprit de corps' and teamwork comes from the heart and flourishes.



10. Ask the right questions
The simplest questions are often the most important: who, what, why, when, how do you feel, are you satisfied and would you do it again if you had the chance? People will eagerly respond to others who are sincerely interested. Digging for treasure can be that easy.



11. True colours
We are bombarded by marketing on every conrner, turning colourful streets into dull thoroughfares. What realy matters to the success of a brand is a marketing strategy and messages that are solid through their diversity, consistency and authenticity.



12. Let your VOICE be heard!
More and more, people are turning their backs on clever marketing strategies. This is not a trend but a mass movement. VOICE = say what you mean in your own term: be expressive and imaginative.



13. What is good, and whhat feels good
Business and institutions should work at convincing their clients that their feelings can be trusted. When something feels right, it usually is, and there's nothinh better than that. Yes, that first 'gut' connection and response is often 'for always'.



14. The art of life
In order to maintain well-being and enjoy the Art of Living, you must first master the Art of Giving. That's easier said than done, because it requires an investment of time, effort and money. And of yourself.


15. Embrace the details
The bigger picture consists of many points and lines. Without the details, you may as well forget the larger picture. It's ironic beacause the lower people sit in the organisation, the more important the details of what they do and how they do it. It is here and nowhere else that the reputation of your organisation, product or trademark is determined.



16. Invest in internal strength
External impact emerges from internal strength. Invest in internal strength, unity and connection, inspiration and motivation, recognition and appreciation. This is also the best investment in durable external impact. When people grow, their business ventures flourish.



17. Leaders with a future
Leaders with a future take enough time for CONTACT and emotion: the meeting itself, speaking as well as listening between the lines - this applies to marketeers as well as people in their markets.



18. Roots and wings
Companies who misjudge or deny their DNA cannot possibly get the best from the range and power of their wings.



19. Be open to unique cv's
Dare to work with people who are unique and have colourful cv's - who are adventurous and edgy. People who have an aesthatic, who know how to find harmony, and the balance in between.



20. Trust worthy
Beware of fads that are like balloons: all surface, no substance, and ready to go up in the air. Restoring trust between marketeers and their target groups is a matter of attitude, actions and a sincere interest.



21. You reap what you sow
Whan we are not loyal to our clients, their employees and suppliers, we shouldn't expect to rely on loyalty and commitment from them. It doesn't work that way.


22. It's all about people
Take off thos blinders! Resist laziness and take the extra steps. Reject arrogance and work from the heart. Be alert to indifference...it's all about people.


23. Person to person
Equal footing is essential. Brands and marketeers should never think they are superior to their target groups. Imposed prescriptions from marketeers don't work; their clients will not work with them.



24. It begins with the human touch
Every day I know one thing for sure: without humanity, enduring success in business is unthinkable. Anyone who thinks different will be bullied by things like shareholder values, and a momentary joy that lasts but a short while. There's no more juice in a squeezed lemon.



25. Trust yourself
Distrust blueprints, the 'tried and true'. trust your sharp eye for people, their attitudes and behaviour. Focus on the bigger picture with en eye for detail. The turn what you see with those new eyes into achievements you can look on with pride.



In close cooperation with Rob Smelt
i www.smelten.nl



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Who am I?

I am Pim van den Berg and thank you for visiting my website.
My approach is based on streetology. A curious way of understanding the now in all its details by connecting with people and their stories.
With a focus on Brands, Organisations, People and Cities.
My background in Food and Retail helps me with looking for the broad inspiring perspectives of the world we live in.

- DNA reseach for cities and organisations
- Discovery tours throughout the world
- Innovation and development
- Inspirational see-throughs/presentations

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